02.13.13Article by Girlboxing about filming A Boxing 'Ohana

01.02.13Crew films A Boxing 'Ohana in Kona, Hawaii

Producer, Sasha Parulis and Director Cynthia Younker meet up with Honolulu-based Director Photography, Sam Kapoi in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii to film A Boxing 'Ohana. They spend 6 days filming footage with Sonny Westbrook, members of The Kona Boxing Club and Sonny's family and friends.

06.23.12article in The Glowing Edge written by Lisa Creech Bledsoe

06.22.12Sasha Parulis and marketing team member Chris Naples attend the 2012 International Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Weekend in Canastota, NY.

As the second year attending the International Boxing Hall of Fame Induction weekend in Canastota, NY, my marketing team member Christopher Naples and I had another amazing time meeting boxers and fans, seeing friends and making new ones. This year we opted for 4 events: the golf event, cocktail hour, The Banquet of Champions and the induction ceremony. We re-met world boxing champion, Jesse “James" Leija who is nothing short of absolutely gracious. We gave him a postcard with A Boxing ‘Ohana’s website link and he told us about the children’s book he wrote: “Jesse and the Boogeyman". We also met former boxer and current Showtime broadcaster, Antonio Tarver who Chris immediately recognized from “Rocky VI" as Rocky’s opponent. Others we had the honor of meeting: Carlos Ortiz, Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund, Terry Norris, Mark “Too Sharp" Johnson, Tommy Hearns, Ruben Olivares, Lamon Brewster, broadcaster Al Bernstein, announcer Michael Buffer, and more.

The wonderful part of this weekend is that everyone comes together to chat, share stories, sign autographs and pose for pictures. A chance for fans to meet these legends as well as a chance for the boxers to meet the people who support them and their sport through the years. I was thrilled to get my glove signed by Mr. Sugar Ray Leonard who was also in attendance.

The cocktail hour, which takes place in a former church from 1910, now a beautiful castle that acts as a banquet facility, was new for us and the hour flew by mingling and taking pictures. In Syracuse, the Banquet of Champions was full of moving speeches by several boxers- inductees and attendees. My favorite part of this event is watching the boxers faces as a highlight reel is shown of their most legendary fights- it is in those faces that you see the joy and pride they have for their hard work, their passion and their heart: boxing. There are thousands of moments written all over their faces.

After the banquet it was straight to Grazianos family restaurant and bar for some dancing and fun. Mr. Graziano at 90 years old runs the place like no other. It was here that we all learned of the outcome of the infamous Pacquiao/Bradley fight. Everyone had something to say about it, and it wasn’t positive. However, the evening continued upbeat.

The next day on the grounds of the ceremony, Chris and I had the pleasure of meeting trainer Freddy Roaches’s mother, Barbara who is a lovely lady taking the time to talk with us and accepting a documentary postcard. It was shortly after, that Chris and I were recruited to be in a video for Fancastic.com talking about our experiences and love of boxing and induction weekend as well as Chris doing his best Michael Buffer impersonation. The ceremony was very special watching boxing’s greats accept their rings and having a chance to thank their families for supporting them from the beginning. This was THEIR time. And each inductee took in and grabbed hold of not just that moment, but of the entire weekend, soaking in every encounter, word, story, handshake and face. Chris and I decided before we even arrived in Canastota on June 9th, that we will be returning next year to this phenomenal weekend of boxing.

03.15.12A Boxing 'Ohana 3:00 raw footage piece on Vimeo

02.01.12 Sasha Parulis and marketing team member Christopher Naples to attend the 2012 International Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Weekend in Canastota.

This years inductees are: Thomas "Hitman" Hearns, Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson, "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" ring announcer Michael Buffer, trainer Freddie Roach, broadcaster Al Bernstein and journalist Michael Katz.

06.01.11A 6:00 rough trailer for “A Boxing ‘Ohana” as well as a project Facebook page are created.

06.01.11marketing postcards created for “A Boxing ‘Ohana” with original artwork by Regina Raya

06.01.11Information on A Boxing ‘Ohana makes the rounds at The 2011 International Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Weekend, Canastota, NY.

The weekend proved to be a phenomenal experience both in a networking aspect and as a fan of boxing for myself my team member, Christopher Naples. The legends inducted were: Julio Cesar Chavez, Joe Cortez, Nacho Beristain, Kostya Tszyu, Sylvestor Stallone and Mike Tyson. The weekend consisted of several types of meet and greets: signings, ringside lectures, book signings, inductees fist casting, golf tournament, banquet and induction ceremony. There were many other pro-boxers I had the privilege of meeting including: Marvin Hagler, Leon Spinks, Ken Norton, Aaron Pryor, Mickey Ward and Dicky Eklund,, Sergio Martinez and at 90 years old “The Raging Bull": Jake LaMotta. Grazianos family restaurant in town was the mingling hub of the weekend. Every night after the last event of the evening had taken place, boxing personalities and fans alike would gather here to socialize together in this very family-friendly, casual atmosphere. On the final evening The Banquet of Champions included a line-up of legends in the boxing world all under one roof- everyone mentioned above plus trainers, coaches, broadcasters. As each boxer was introduced, a series of clips of their biggest fights graced the screens followed by individual speeches. Sylvester Stallone’s clips naturally, were of his beloved Rocky film. The final day of the weekend we attended the Induction Ceremony where each of the inductees made final, touching speeches and were given their rings. Mike Tyson becoming extremely emotional when starting to speak of his trainer who had passed, Cus DeAmato. Sylvestor Stallone put his fists up in the air and yelled “I did it Adrienne!" as the crowd erupted with cheer. Julio Cesar Chavez dedicated his induction to “all of Mexico". All of the inductees thanked their families- their greatest inspirations. Afterwards everyone gathered for one last time at Grazianos where Christopher and I were lucky enough to have lunch next to Mr. Marvelous Marvin Hagler who afterwards chatted and took pictures with us. We left Canastota having had one of the very best experiences of our lives. And we plan to return again in 2012.

02.01.10Documentary in developmental stages

01.01.10Heading to Hawaii

Sasha Parulis and Director, Cynthia Younker head to Kailua-Kona Hawaii to shoot footage for a rough footage piece of “A Boxing ‘Ohana".