01.14.13ShAnnOn Estrada

Sonny is such an amazing role model and like the uncle ones never had. I had the pleasure of meeting Sonny at our boxing club in Puna ( Yeshua ). Walked right up to him, he gave me a hug as if I was his niece, or a daughter when I was just a fellow boxing club worker / mentor. Us made it a point to talk to me ever since, every time he's at our boxing events.... You never forget a familiar face. Thank you for sharing Sonny's story. His A-mazing.

07.02.12Chris Naples

I think you did an awesome job with this website & I'm so excited to move forward with this project with you.

06.18.12Deb Cowans

Met Uncle Sonny in Vegas at the Bail Bonds Convention in 2011. He talked with me for a long time like I was ohana & made me feel very comfortable. He's a good man, you can just sense it in his spirit. Mahalo for this project, look forward to seeing it completed. Aloha.

04.11.12Lauren Lettiere

What a great website! So informative and interesting! Way to go!

04.03.12Melanie ley

Great documentary and a positive for amateur boxing. Knew Van Oscar when he participated in the Blue & Gold in Southern California many years ago.

03.27.12Frank Pizano III

Wishing you only the best of luck in fulfilling this dream. Xoxo

03.27.12Sasha Parulis

Please feel free to leave any comments on this guestbook page by filing out the info in the contact section. I will then post your comments to this guestbook.


This website looks great!
I couldn't get on the guestbook, or would have signed it!
Congrats on a great job :-)


Hey Sash, I am SO PROUD of you; your hard work, passion and love for all that you ARE and all that you have given of yourself. I love you and can't wait to see how far this goes....behind ya all the way! Love & Prayers, me o/


This is an amazing project! I cannot wait to see it! Best of luck to all of you!